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tire servicesThe tires on your car are the only part that actually touches the road, and with that fact in mind, you can imagine why it is so important to keep your tires in great shape. Driving on damaged or badly worn tires can be the cause of all kinds of accidents, so responsible drivers really should be inspecting their tires on a regular basis, before and after they drive. You can do this to yourself to some degree, or you can swing by Motor Works Blaine at any time for tire services in Blaine, MN. No matter what you might need for your car’s tires, our team is here to help you handle it!

Tire Services Blaine MN

So what are tire services? While this can differ from shop to shop, we generally place tire repair, wheel balancing, and tire rotation into this category. Tire repair comes in if you develop a slow leak in one of your tires, or if you pick up a nail or screw puncture (so long as the sidewall is unaffected). We can generally plug these leaks without having to replace a tire outright. Wheel balancing and alignment are more for making sure healthy tires wear evenly and your car drives smoothly. If your tires require any of these tire services in Blaine, MN, the tire pros at Motor Works Blaine are waiting to help out.

New Tires Blaine MN

If you’ve had a blowout with one of your tires, it is obviously time for a new one. Bit what if your tires are just getting old? How can you tell if you need a new set? Grab a penny and place it between your tire treads. Can you see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head? If so, you are a good candidate for new tires as your tire tread is dangerously worn. So whether you have damage or simply aging tires and need a new set, our team can work with you on replacing your tires with a set that fits your car, your needs, and your budget.

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No matter what those for tires need, for tire services in Blaine, MN, trust the tire team at Motor Works Blaine. Our staff knows tires like few others do, and we can help make sure your tires are and stay safe for all the time on the road ahead. Make an appointment or swing by for the very best tire services in Blaine, MN from Motor Works Blaine!

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